Vocal Coaching for Speakers and Singers

Vocal Coaching for Speakers and Singers

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Voice Technique and Empowered Performance Coaching for those who wish to have their voice more fully heard in the world.

Use your Voice with More Power, Range and Confidence!

Empower Your Voice so that you...

  • Nail your performance every time and leave the crowd begging for more!
  • Stand in front of an audience of any size with confidence and ease!
  • Build a voice that always feels fantastic, sounds powerful, and is captivating to hear!

Who Benefits from The Empowered Voice?

About Stephanie

stephanie-bonte-lebair-222bStephanie Bonte-Lebair is a lifelong performer and lover of all things on the stage!  She has been coaching singers, actors and speakers for the last 15 years to improve their voices and connect with their audiences. She holds a Masters in Vocal Performance, a Minor in Speech Pathology and has performed in operas, musicals, cabaret shows, amusement park shows and dinner theater. Originally from the Midwest, she has studied and performed in places such as Italy, New York City, the D.C. region and beyond.  She also loves to direct shows and uses her acting background to speak comfortably to groups of all sizes.  Her mission is to help others stand in their power and be the voice of their passions!